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Johannes Dauner ist Gründer und CEO der elixxier Software GmbH. Johannes Dauner is founder and CEO of elixxier Software GmbH.

The Mother of all Lighting Setups – the Rembrandt Light

Naming: Let’s take a quick excursion into the past right at the beginning and see why the Rembrandt Light is called Rembrandt Light. :-) The artist and painter Rembrandt (whose full name actually was “Rembrandt van Rijn”) used a certain lighting style (portrait lighting) for many of his famous paintings and graphics. For many years, Rembrandt intensively studied the effects ... Read More »

Chapter 6: Lighting Design the Easy Way – Secrets of the Inverse-Square Law of Light

Improve Your Photography Skills – Secrets of the Inverse-Square Law of Light Revealed In this blog post, I would like to share some insights with you regarding the connection of aperture and  inverse-square law of light as well as their effects on light fall-off. Let me ease you into this topic by explaining the aperture first. Aperture Stops (f-Stops) Switching ... Read More »

Chapter 3: Light formers / types of light / lighting design

Types of light: Soft light: Soft light, indirect light or also known as diffuse light, is produced through extensive light sources. We know diffuse light from nature, for example sunshine falling through a cloudy sky. A great characteristc of it is its uniform illumination and its minimization of shadows. Their contours are blurry and very soft. In studio photography you ... Read More »

Chapter 2: Starting with portrait photography

Portrait photography contains images of living things, mostly humans, but also creatures and animals. This famous genre of photography is all about “showing them in their correct light” as one would say. We want to point out characteristics of them or capture their emotions or their physical and emotional condition. Age, attractiveness,. beuaty or gender do mostly play a submissive ... Read More »