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“Shooting playmates” Flashing Camera Frenzy #03 – Interview with Dan Hostettler

Wow! Dan Hostettler told us a lot of insider news and tips from his work !

Where am I able to see that? – Well, you’re already there!
It’s time for episode #03 of Flashing Camera Frenzy!

"Shooting sexy women all day long!" Interview with Dan Hostettler [EN] - Flashing Camera Frenzy #03

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Dan tells us how he fells shooting sexy women all day long ;) and why he’s glad he has a talented make-up artist!

Important message for all the english speakers:
Ths video is th first to be available in English and German! Our working student Lukas cares about our Social Media and Public Relations, and he has done an interview with Dan in English!
Für alle Deutschen: Ganz oben oder ganz unten die Blog-Sprache ändern, dann seht Ihr die deutsche Version :)

Dan calls himself “Sexy Women Photographer” and he works at Studio Prague. We’re linking his website with a lot of educational stuff, coachings and a store here – it’s worth to have a look at it! –> Sexy Women Photography

He’s got a lot of knowlage about working with prominent models, he knows all the tricks within professional photography and has already explained some of his light setups and favorite tips on our blog.

He explains, how he gets to his creative ideas for new shootings and how he restarted his career as a photographer some years ago.

Ah, and of course: Did you ever wonder how Dan gets those nice looking girls to stand in front of his camera? ;)

Thank you very much Dan! We did cost you lots of time and nerves, but we’ve got nearly 2h of interview now!
Dan even said some stuff about set.a.light 3D and really appreciates the software – you can test that here.

Levae your feedback and tell us, what you liked and what bothered you!

<– Get to episode #02 with Heiko Kanzler here.

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This post is also available in: German

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  1. Just to say that’s it’s an amazing video and I learned quite a bit. It’s also gratifying to know that I’m thinking along the same lines as such a great photographer. Dan made the statement that in nature there’s only one light source, the sun. This is also the way I approach things, one light and add in more if needed, usually only a fill or rim light. But then I guess that’s why we are taught the name Key light. What a shame that far too many photographers forget this. Personally I always go back to the catch phrase of another great photographer, Joe Edelman who says KISS which stands for Keep It Simple Stupid.

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