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Flashing Camera Frenzy #02 – Interview with Heiko Kanzler

Hey there everybody!

Heiko Kanzler has brought lots of new impressions when he answered our questions in a new episode of Flashing Camera Frenzy!!
The long version is available here, on Facebook and YouTube:

"Der Weg vom Anfänger zum erfahrenen Amateur?" Blitzlichtgewitter #02 - Interview mit Heiko Kanzler

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You have to watch this! :)
We talk about Heikos long and hard journey into photography and on how to get from a beginner level to professional photos!

He actually works as a consultant for the software industry and lives in the southern part of Spain near the small country named Gibraltar, where he’s currently working – we don’t know about anbody else who lives there, so that is quite interesting.
Heiko describes life there as a mix of Spanish vitality or enjoyment of life and English countenance. Wow!
He likes to cook and be creative in the kitchen as well as cruising around with is 1979 Mercedes 280 SL.
Dear Heiko, it was lots of fun chatting with you!
If you want to know more about Heiko, go have a look at his beautiful website or Heikos Instagram Profile.
He also tweets very regulalry, mostly a few times daily!

Even more information can be found in the video or in the announcement here on this blog.

We’re sending greetings to Southern Spain and Gibraltar!

There are more scenes of this video at Instagram and Facebook we have a bit of exclusive content there, that explains why Heiko likes to shoot in his small living room (it’s his studio….but don’t tell anybody…)

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