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Stefan Kohler from RAWexchange.de in our interview – Flashing Camera Frenzy Episode #04

He was very quick in joining us – here’s our interview with Stefan for you!

The video contains amazing 90min of discussion and talk between Stefan Kohler from RAWexchange.de and Johannes. And as always: Your questions were in there as well!

Interview mit Stefan Kohler (RAWexchange.de) - Blitzlichtgewitter Episode #04

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Those two give you one and a half hours of entertainment!

Stefan Kohler is the owner of RAWexchange.de. Beside his photography, he there he gives lots of tips for editing, post-production and special effects. His shop is full of video tutorials, stock footage and tips for editing you most beautiful photos – everybody will find something according to their taste there!

On his blog he regularly features content from all the areas of modern photography and editing, but he also talks about businesses, founding your own company and tells you about his experiences.

We’re talking about different light sizes and it’s sources. How many watt seconds do I need? Are colored pictures better, or do we go with the classic black and white ones?
And: Stefan explains, why he’s got an egg timer in his photo studio!

He of course uses his whole new professional equipment, thats also used by him in his video trainings and “vlogs”. We really appreciate the high quality video and audio that we could achieve through that! Thank you Stefan :)

Stefan even found a new cap, after his famous old one (on the left) passed away two weeks ago in the washing machine. He’s now staging as a French monsieur;) Très bien!

All of your questions are getting answered in the interview as well!
Thank you for posting those regularly here and on Facebook!

Let us know what you think and how we could improve our interviews ;)
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