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Ta-dah! Et voilà – Our new Learning Tool is here

Our new Learning Tool for set.a.light 3D is now officially out!!

Finally, we can present you the long-awaited version of the learning tool for set.a.light 3D.

In this video, you’ll learn how everything works and how you’re able to control it.

➔ What is this Learning Tool?

With this, you can now open special workshops in set.a.light 3D, which contain lots of information on lighting and setups.
After starting an loading up, set.a.light is controlled automatically. Everything gets explained by the author then.


➔ What’s new and what’s the interesting stuff about it??

In comparison to a learning video, you can experience set.a.light 3D and it’s workshops live.

You can pause the workshop at any time, look around and regard the light setup and dig deeper into your learning process. You can also take snaps and save the whole setup for later use like that. After finishing the workshop, you can start working with your snaps and edit the lighting setup, until it suits your gusto and your needs, or use it as as base for your own creativity.

You don’t just look at it – you’re in it and can interact with the setup. Touch it! Experience it!


 Where do those workshops come from?

We’re woring with different photographers. Some of those create these workshops with set.a.light 3D. You can get all of those files on our website (and our blog) and most of time as well on the websites of the authors. Since the tool is completely new, there aren’t too many workshops until now – but this is going to change soon ;)

Let’s go:

  1. Download your workshop (file ending is .wset)
  2. Start set.a.light 3D (with at least version 1.00.90)
  3. Öpen the workshop via the file browser in set.a.light 3D

 Workshop Download

Our friend Stefan Kohler from RAWexchange.de has produced the first few workshops for you. You can download and check them out here:

Unfortunately, these few first workshops are only available in German. We’re sorry!
But nevermind, still start using them as a lot of the content and trying out how it works is self-explaining.

Workshop 1:

Title: Colored light | Author: Stefan Kohler | Duration: 11 Min.

This cyan/orange-look “in“ – Stefan from RAWexchange.de shows you how to use this combination of colors right and what to watch out for. There’s as well an excurs on how to use color gels right. You’re going to need 4-5 light sources here.

DOWNLOAD: [Download not found]

Workshop 2:

Title: LowKey | Author: Stefan Kohler | Duartion: 8 Min.

You’ll only need one light to create this LowKey photo. But there’s some stuff to care about as well…. Stefan shows you which tricks you should know in this workshop.

DOWNLOAD: [Download not found]

Workshop 3:

Title: Speedlight | Author: Stefan Kohler | Duration: 16 Min.

Stefan from RAWexvhange.de shows you all the stuff you can achieve with only one speedlight in a very small room.

DOWNLOAD: [Download not found]

You don’t know set.a.light 3D yet?

You want to reinstall set.a.light 3D?

The most up-to-date installers for set.a.light 3D are here:
Mac-Version: https://www.elixxier.com/downloader.php?mac=1
Win-Version: https://www.elixxier.com/downloader.php?win=1

This post is also available in: German

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