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Your questions for “Flashing Camera Frenzy” – #03 Dan Hostettler

Now it’s getting prominent!
After we just published episode #02, we’re going straight to the next one.

Dan Hostettler is well-known when it comes to studio photography and he regularly shoots important and popular playmates. He will be our newest guest in “Flashing Camera Frenzy”.

The picture on the right side is from Dan’s “Fast Glam Beauty Dish Setup” with Melisa Mendini.

He’s got a lot of knowlage about working with prominent models, he knows all the tricks within professional photography and has already explained some of his light setups and favorite tips on our blog.


Dan is owner of the Studio Prague and calls himself a Sexy Women Photographer. He lives in the Czech capital, always has a lot to do and explains some of his tricks in workshops und digital trainings regardinc making a concept, shootings and lighting (where he works with set.a.light).

 Some examples for Dan’s work on our blog are his “Fast Glam Setup with one Beauty Dish” or this cool 4-Points Light Setup.

Of course we need your questions for our interview with Dan!

  • You’ve alsways wanted to know on how to get famous models into your shootings?
  • Do you have questions about his way to a professional?
  • You want to know his favorite setups and angles?
Als alwyas, you have the possibility of commenting posts on our Facebook-Page or to send us a message there.
Here in our blog you can easily leave a comment at the bottom of this article.
We’re open to your questions via mail as well (info@elixxier.com) and even on Instagram we’re waiting for your input.

More on Dan is available at StudioPrague.com and SexyWomenPhotography.com. We’ve also linked his Facebook-Profile for you. 

We’re looking forward to an interesting interview and for the first time, we’ll have versions in German AND English!

<– You can watch the last episode of “Flashing Camera Frenzy” here.

This post is also available in: German

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