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Your questions for “Flashing Camera Frenzy” – #02 Heiko Kanzler

The second episode of “Flashing Camera Frenzy” is coming!

People who don’t know about Heiko Kanzler should probably change that!
Mostly, because Heiko shows a great example on how to get from amateur photography onto a professional level.

Regarding his way from the odd beginnings as an amateur photographer to the great pictures he is shooting right now is a great idea if you want to learn from his mistakes and go the same way.
His portfolio is mainly based on portrait and studio photography, but that’s not all when it comes to Heiko’s interests:


He actually works as a consultant for the software industry and lives in the southern part of Spain near the small country named Gibraltar, where he’s currently working – we don’t know about anbody else who lives there, so that is quite interesting.

Heiko describes life there as a mix of Spanish vitality or enjoyment of life and English countenance. Wow!

He likes to cook and be creative in the kitchen as well as cruising around with is 1979 Mercedes 280 SL.

Your questions are our questions!

What do you want to know about Heiko Kanzler?
What thrills yu about his way from an amateur to a professional? What’s interesting about his photography?
Or do you want to know about his life style in the South of Spain and Gibraltar?

Leave your questions as a comment, via Facebook, Instagram or via Mail (info@elixxier.com)! The more questions we get, the better our interview will be :)

We’re looking forward to your input and hope, you guys are as thrilled as we are!

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