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Your questions for “Flashing Camera Frenzy” – #04 Stefan Kohler from RAWexchange

And here goes the next one!

We love our interview-series – that’s why it’s already time for the next crowd-pleaser!

Stefan Kohler is the owner of RAWexchange.de. Beside his photography, he there he gives lots of tips for editing, post-production and special effects. His shop is full of video tutorials, stock footage and tips for editing you most beautiful photos – everybody will find something according to their taste there!

Stefan explains the world of photoshop in his “How-Tos”. Packages, Bundels and special offers – the shop is full of them! :)
Next to his single files and videotrainings there are many backgrounds and overlays as well.
We do know Stefan since some time now and have collaborated or worked together not only once ;)

On his blog he regularly features content from all the areas of modern photography and editing, but he also talks about businesses, founding your own company and tells you about his experiences.

He can definetely be funny too – in his podcasts, that you shouldn’t take too serious, he puts the world of photography upside down. Stefan seems to be some kind of coach as well – you can surely learn something from him. On YouTube he regularly posts videos and previews, just like on Facebook of course!

We’re looking forward to this interview with Stefan!
YOU are the ones to pose your questions right here – write them down below, tell us in the comment section on Facebook or send them in per mail (info@elixxier.com). We’re going to ask Stefan all the stuff you want to know about his personality, his company and so much more!

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