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The Mother of all Lighting Setups – the Rembrandt Light

Naming: Let’s take a quick excursion into the past right at the beginning and see why the Rembrandt Light is called Rembrandt Light. :-) The artist and painter Rembrandt (whose full name actually was “Rembrandt van Rijn”) used a certain lighting style (portrait lighting) for many of his famous paintings and graphics. For many years, Rembrandt intensively studied the effects ... Read More »

Chapter 6: Lighting Design the Easy Way – Secrets of the Inverse-Square Law of Light

Improve Your Photography Skills – Secrets of the Inverse-Square Law of Light Revealed In this blog post, I would like to share some insights with you regarding the connection of aperture and  inverse-square law of light as well as their effects on light fall-off. Let me ease you into this topic by explaining the aperture first. Aperture Stops (f-Stops) Switching ... Read More »

Chapter 3: Light formers / types of light / lighting design

Types of light: Soft light: Soft light, indirect light or also known as diffuse light, is produced through extensive light sources. We know diffuse light from nature, for example sunshine falling through a cloudy sky. A great characteristc of it is its uniform illumination and its minimization of shadows. Their contours are blurry and very soft. In studio photography you ... Read More »