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Update News V1.00.56

Update News V1.00.56

Hello everybody,

our latest update contains great new features.

We included a pregnant and a completely new Model, as well as features, which should simplify the handling of set.a.light 3D.

The pregnant model is another version of “Nicole”.
Just open “Nicole” in the studio and then scroll a little bit down in the detail settings.
There you find the tab “Pregnant”, in which you can choose between five new poses.

Beside “Nicole” you find “Laura”.
“Laura” is our second, new model. She has a more detailed bodystructure, with wrinkles and slightly distinctive features.
These attributes make the lighting design more realistic, but also slightly more challenging, for example for portraits.
You can as well choose between five different poses. Either with a dress or with a bikini.
She has four color settings of the dress.

Very practical is the sorting function of the timeline.
Now it is possible, to change the order of the snapshots. For example, you can place similar light settings with different poses side by side.
The functionaliy simplay works via drag and drop.

We also incorporated a zoom functionality for all Studio-Topview fans.
It facilitates the control of the studio from bird’s-eye view, visceral by the scroll wheel of the mouse.


Update v1.00.56 - set.a.light 3D STUDIO | English

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We wish you a lot of fun with the latest update.
If you want you can also join our Facebook community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/set.a.light/


The full release notes:

  • New Model “Laura”
  • Pregnant Model “Nicole”
  • Zoom functionality of the Studio-Topview (Scrollwheel)
  • Sort functionality in the timeline


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  1. nice update.

    I wish if there’s way to export the studio setups in JPG format for I can post them in my blog.

    • Hello,

      unfortunaly there are only two ways to achieve this, right now.
      You can either load the PDF into an image editing program (e.g. photoshop or gimp),
      and from there you can save it as a JPG file.
      Or you take a screenshot of the PDF.

      Thanks for your request, we add it to out To-Do list!

      Best regards

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