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Update News V1.00.83 – set.a.light 3D

In this video, we introduce you to the most important points regarding the update to version 1.00.83.

Update set.a.light 3D V1.00.83 | English EN

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We have developed real time antialiasing for the studio view and camera preview.

This effect becomes most obvious in hair and contours. Therefore, screenshots for documentations look much better, for example. Antialiasing has also been added to the exporter which in turn leads to better results here as well. Especially the lighting setups created here are ideally suited to be published on social media channels in order to explain their design to others.


For this update, we have completely overhauled our file browser which is now able to process all operating system supported characters – even such as Chinese and Cyrillic, for example.

The projection screen that you can find in props HERE can be bent and additionally used as some sort of light box. The brightness of this screen can be adjusted HERE. In this case, it is important that the screen does not react to the positioned studio light anymore and shadow fall onto the screen has to be prevented by all means.

Why have we done this?

For example, if you want to shoot a model in studio and implement the results into a composition later on, you can utilize set.a.light3D in order to plan the light situations that match the image without the flash lights in use having an influence on the original.  The curvature of the projection screen additionally eases the work process.


By the way, it is a good idea to simply do this for fun at some point since it brilliantly teaches you how to read lighting situations in already existing imagery.

Another new feature is the option of choosing a floor texture.

When selecting a room, you can pick a floor texture.


Once a texture has been chosen, it can additionally be mixed with another color if need be. This way the floor can be further customized.

New light formers have also been added this time. You will find the exact listing below.

Furthermore, we have improved and optimized quite a huge amount of the software’s substructure while we were at it.

Last but not least, we now want to wish you continued fun with set.a.light3D and the creation of fantastic lighting setups.

Release Note:

  • Real-Time Anti-Aliasing for the studio view and render camera
  • Render-Pipeline optimized
  • Filebrowser now supports all languages (e.g. chinese and cyrillic)
  • The picture wall can now be bend
  • The picture wall is now able be self luminous
  • The Room can now load floor texture presets
  • Yongnuo Speedlight YN660 added
  • New lightshapers: 135 cm Octabox, 25×90 / 35×90 und 25×130 cm Striplight
  • Render-Pipeline Optimiert
  • Performance Optimized for older hardware
  • Trial time reset – so everyone can test again
  • minor bug fixes

That’s how you get the update:
To receive the update (ca. 23MB), just start set.a.light 3D. The new update will appear and is ready to install. Please DO NOT interrupt the update process!
Alternately you can reinstall set.a.light 3D anew.

If you want to reinstall set.a.light 3D, here you can download the installer:
Mac-Version: www.elixxier.com/downloader.php?mac=1
Win-Version: www.elixxier.com/downloader.php?win=1

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