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Update News V1.00.80 – Reflector Boards and Eye Reflection (Catchlights) overhaul

Within the free Update we did overhaul the functionality of all Reflector Boards for you. You will no see more accurate bounce light. Plus a laser ray to help adjust the direction of the light.


AugenGlanzTo add more realism to the Rendering and life to our Models we made better reflections for the eyes and more detailed glossiness for the skin and everything else. With these features you are now able to see the reflection of your light shapers you placed in set.a.light 3D.

To make the camera ISO and aperture better readable, we added some highlights to the ISO and aperture values where the light gets doubled. If you wish the read more about that click HERE, where we have a detailed article about that.


BG-RadiusSome of you asked if we could add the feature to change the radius of the paper background, here you have it.




Release Note:

  • Reflector Boards overhaul
  • Eye Reflections (Catch lights)
  • More realistic Rendering
  • More realistic Materials
  • Customizeable Background radius
  • Usability optimizations
  • Bug fixes

That’s how you get the update:
To receive the update (ca. 100 MB), just start set.a.light 3D. The new update will appear and is ready to install. Please DO NOT interrupt the update process!
Alternately you can reinstall set.a.light 3D anew.

If you want to reinstall set.a.light 3D, here you can download the installer:
Mac-Version: www.elixxier.com/downloader.php?mac=1
Win-Version: www.elixxier.com/downloader.php?win=1

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