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Workshop//set.a.light 3D//HENSEL = fantastic

Workshop//set.a.light 3D//HENSEL = fantastic

Last weekend we had one of our workshops in collaboration with HENSEL and Thomas Adorff. We were thrilled that 17 participants came to learn how to use set.a.light 3D. It was important to Johannes Dauner to show how a useful and efficient preplanning in the studio photography can look like with a set.a.light 3D.
The day should consist not only of theory but it was also hands on learning. Everything that was previously developed in the software, was now constructed exactly the same in the real studio on site, with amazing results:
First shot (almost) perfect!
"set.a.light. 3D"  workshop studio "Thomas Adorff" fotografie

In the studio with set.a.light 3D and Thomas Adorff. Today we are using the self phone camera for a change… 


It took most of the participants by surprise how close the 3D rendering and the original image were in terms of light and shadow quality.
One of the participants later admitted to Johannes Dauner that at the beginning of the workshop he thought the program was a fun little computer game at best. But when he saw how quick and easy you can get to the perfect image, he confessed of underestimating the value it brings to the table. We are always happy to convince our little skeptic so easily. To be honest, all doubts that you’ve might have in the software, we had them two years in advance, so we had to work hard to not disappoint ourselves. Because we like to use our software and  it seem like we achieved the same with the participants in Stuttgart.
After the success in the first workshop, we are thinking to offer even more. Where would you like to see us and with whom could we work together?

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