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8 light setups with beautiful backdrops (+ Download)

Well, that’s a great present that came in shortly before christmas!

We’ve got 8 new lighting setups for you – try them out, play around with them and shoot many great pictures and photos using them! The download is located down below at the end of the article.

With newly designed backdrops (backgrounds), our friend Stefan Kohler from RAWexchange.de produced these eight cool setups. Doesn’t matter whether you like it fancy, sexy or chic – everyone is going to find a suitable setup for his or her needs.

Minimalistic use with only one light is the easisest way to set up these lighting sets in your studio. You could even change them in set.a.light and develop them further, if you like.
What, you’d like to use more light sources? – Well, here you go.We’ve got some setups with up to three light sources.

Here’s the promised download for all of you!
DOWNLOAD: >>  backdrop.set <<

Show your results to us if you like to! We’re always there for you on Facebook, so we’re looking forward to your pictures!

Have fun and merry christmas to all of you!

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