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Ta-dah! Et voilà – Our new Learning Tool is here

Our new Learning Tool for set.a.light 3D is now officially out!! Finally, we can present you the long-awaited version of the learning tool for set.a.light 3D. In this video, you’ll learn how everything works and how you’re able to control it. ➔ What is this Learning Tool? With this, you can now open special workshops in set.a.light 3D, which contain lots ... Read More »

A sensual Glamour Bikini Shooting can be easily achieved – Joe Edelman shows you how to! (Video)

How to conjure a simple and sensual Glamour Biniki Shooting in only 5 to 10 minutes? In his video Joe Edelman shows you how to create a lighting setup using only 3–5 flash heads. To create a little twist he’s using orange coloured films and shows you how to use them. Afterwards he shows you how to realize the lighting ... Read More »

The Mother of all Lighting Setups – the Rembrandt Light

Naming: Let’s take a quick excursion into the past right at the beginning and see why the Rembrandt Light is called Rembrandt Light. :-) The artist and painter Rembrandt (whose full name actually was “Rembrandt van Rijn”) used a certain lighting style (portrait lighting) for many of his famous paintings and graphics. For many years, Rembrandt intensively studied the effects ... Read More »

Effective Portrait Lighting Setup with 4 Flash Heads – How to Read Images the Right Way

You can quickly find a pretty photo on the internet – but how did the lighting setup look like?  Let’s take a closer look at a portrait together and think about how we can trace back to the matching lighting setup from here. Meaning, we want to detect the lighting set by reading the finished image and find out how ... Read More »


>HERE< you can download a file with eight one-light-septups for set.a.light 3D! Note: Your browser (Internet Explorer) may change the file name ending from .set to .zip after downloading. To solve this, please change the ending from .zip to .set after downloading. Even if you have no license, you can open the file and view the Settings! How to do this, ... Read More »