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Unlocking the Art of Lighting: Thierry Sourbier Explores Diverse Approaches to Lighting Sets

Unlocking the Art of Lighting: Thierry Sourbier Explores Diverse Approaches to Lighting Sets

I’m a French photographer based in Nantes, I started “playing” with my first studio strobes in 2005. Since nothing replaces practice, I remember knocking on my neighbours’ doors to find “models” to experiment with my setups (my kids had only so much patience)… It is only in 2021 that I discovered set.a.light 3D, it has been quite a game changer for me (and my neighbours ahah)!

I’ve since created hundreds of setups (a few can be found in the community: https://community.elixxier.com/mol/portal/user-profile/thierry-sourbier), either to prepare for upcoming photoshoots, practice or learn from others. I tend to have a rather practical view on photography, asking myself before shooting : “what do I want to show through the pictures I’m going to make?” and after shooting “what could have made them better?”. This keeps me on an endless learning journey…

The first set I’d like to share is “kick” set ID 11042235. I made a 3D version of my garage gym studio in SAL (it is a “small” space not very wide < 3m) this helped me position the punching bag (well kicking bag in that case) on my ceiling to get the shots I wanted. I preplanned all the lighting and invited a friend over a few months later to bring the idea to life.

Set-ID: 11042235
Link: https://community.elixxier.com/mol/portal/setfiles?display=11042235
Shooting Result
Link: https://community.elixxier.com/mol/portal/setfiles?display=11042235

The second set is a little personal challenge: create 50 different pictures of the same subject changing only the light. While 4 of these setups can be found in the community (11040218, 11040217, 11040219, 11040220), I posted the full timeline in the file section of the set.a.light 3D user group on Facebook. Doing such an exercise, shows that with light alone the possibilities are already endless!

Set-ID: 11040218
Link: https://community.elixxier.com/mol/portal/setfiles?display=11040218
Set-ID: 11040217
Link: https://community.elixxier.com/mol/portal/setfiles?display=11040217
Set-ID: 11040219
Link: https://community.elixxier.com/mol/portal/setfiles?display=11040219
Set-ID: 11040220
Link: https://community.elixxier.com/mol/portal/setfiles?display=11040220

set.a.light 3D puts us in a virtual world where lights, space are virtually free and models have an infinite patience to keep the pose… I sometimes use all these super powers to just play and practice as with set 11041251.

Set-ID: 11041251
Link: https://community.elixxier.com/mol/portal/setfiles?display=11041251
Set-Build in SAL 3D
Link: https://community.elixxier.com/mol/portal/setfiles?display=11041251

While I love using many lights for my studio shoots, sometimes it is not possible… I have to be creative with little gear. In setup 11042337 (and 11042341), I experimented what could be possible with a remote speedlight and … a door which both can act as a reflector and/or a blocker.

Set-ID: 11042337
Link: https://community.elixxier.com/mol/portal/setfiles?display=11042337
Using door as reflector
Link: https://community.elixxier.com/mol/portal/setfiles?display=11042337
Set-ID: 11042341
Link: https://community.elixxier.com/mol/portal/setfiles?display=11042341
Door as blocker – reflector

I find recreating pictures is an excellent exercise to understand the light. I also often download setups from the community to see how the picture was built with light or try to light the scene a different way. I did so in the set 11041256 which was originally posted by Ailin O’Neall (set ID 11041239), you’ll notice the use of the door as a blocker 😉.

Set-ID: 11041256
Link: https://community.elixxier.com/mol/portal/setfiles?display=11041256
Door as blocker

Original Post by Ailin O’Neall:

Set-ID: 11041239
Link: https://community.elixxier.com/mol/portal/setfiles?display=11041239

This was a quick run through of my use of set.a.light in my photography. You’ll find in the community 130+ more setups that I shared… don’t hesitate to light them your way 🙂.

You can also find me on Instagram https://instagram.com/tsourbier
set.a.light 3D User Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/set.a.light/permalink/5090336564425820

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