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Update to V2.5.9b is now available!

We have great news for you and your next project! 🌟

The brand new update for set.a.light 3D is here!

Our continuous light range has been extended and for all film camera users we have integrated two brand new modes “False Color” and “EL-Zone”.

But that’s not all – from now on you can also upload and present your setups with custom 3D content in the set.a.light 3D community!

And last but not least: set.a.light 3D is now also available in Chinese language.

But read more about the update in the following update highlights.

The update V2.5.9b at a glance

  • NEW: ARRI SkyPanel S360-C LED
  • NEW: 7 light shapers for Aputure LS 600D PRO (20 cm Reflector, Fresnel 2X, Light Dome II ⌀ 89 cm, Light Box 60×90 cm and 30×120, Lantern, Light Dome Mini II ⌀ 55 cm)
  • NEW: Chinese language has been integrated
  • NEW: “False Color” and “EL-Zone” mode for the movie camera
  • COMMUNITY: You can now upload setups in which you have used your own 3D objects to the community. Important: The 3D objects are NOT uploaded. When such a setup is opened in set.a.light 3D, the 3D objects are replaced by note symbols.
  • Many minor bug fixes and improvements (and Fix for 2.5.9a)

The update has a size of 30 MB for Windows and 56 MB for MAC

Update highlights in detail

Now available: New continuous light + light shaper

We’ve expanded our continuous lights and added the powerful ARRI SkyPanel S360-C to the family! The panel has a huge light area of 128 x 87 cm, and has an impressive brightness, making it ideal for large-scale lighting applications.

We have also equipped the Aputure LS 600D PRO with 7 light shapers. You now have the choice between a 20 cm reflector, Fresnel 2X, Light Dome II ⌀ 89 cm, Light Box 60×90 cm and Light Box 30×120 cm, Lantern and the Light Dome Mini II ⌀ 55 cm. Now you have even more options to create the perfect light for your scenes.

New modes for the film camera: EL Zone and False Color

Original / False Color / EL-Zone
Image from community member Mauriusz Tuta Set ID 11041601

EL-Zone and False Color: The Perfect Combination for Precise Video Productions

By popular demand, we have introduced two new modes for our film camera. From now on you can switch the view of the camera and see the image in False Color, or in EL-Zone mode. This allows you to more accurately assess lighting conditions and find the optimal exposure settings for your video footage.

With False Color mode, exposure levels can be visualized using different colors to help you identify over- or underexposures and thus achieve the optimal exposure settings for your video recordings.

EL-Zone Mode is used to achieve precise exposure of shots, especially in situations with complex lighting conditions. The brightness of the subject is fixed to a specific zone of the exposure scale, based on the application of Ansel Adams’ Zone System technique. This allows optimal use of the available light and better control over the tonal range of the film stock to obtain detailed shadows and highlights.

Upload setups with your own 3D content to the set.a.light 3D community

You use the 3D Importer and want to present your setups in the community? This is finally possible!

From now on you can publish setups in which you have used your own 3D objects in the set.a.light 3D community. Your 3D objects will not be uploaded to the community and therefore will not be published. So you don’t have to worry about the legal situation of the objects. Other setalighters can view your work and even download and open the setup – but the 3D objects will be replaced by placeholders (hint signs).

Share your ideas, inspire others and exchange ideas with the community.

How to get the update

This update is FREE for all V2.0–2.5.9 users (only the add-on is available for a fee). To get it, all you have to do is start your set.a.light 3D. The update option will be displayed immediately; just select it. (set.a.light 3D requires an internet connection). 

Alternatively you can also reinstall after downloading the latest version here.
(During the reinstallation, all personal settings, etc. are preserved.)

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