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Update to V2.5.8f available!

There is a new update for set.a.light 3D V2.5.8 available! This update once again expands the ever-growing arsenal of lamps and light shapers. Included is also the highly requested Godox AD200 flash head, which is now available as a new preset and can be used with all flash light shapers included in set.a.light 3D. But also for all filmmakers who enjoy using set.a.light 3D, this update comes up with new enhancements, as the available light shapers for the popular Aputure continuous lights are also extended with it.

The update V2.5.8f at a glance

  • NEW: Godox AD200 available as selectable flash head for all flash light shapers (in tab monolight)
  • NEW: Godox Beauty Dish 42 cm in silver and white with diffuser (in tab monolight)
  • NEW: Lamp tripod without light source as prop (height adjustable)
  • NEW: Camera tripod without camera as prop (height adjustable)
  • More combinations to create your own speedlights (zoom range, guide number)
  • New control range for Elinchrom (0.1-4.4) to create your own speedlights
  • NEW: Light Dome Mini II 55 cm for monolights
  • NEW: New light shapers for Aputure continuous lights available (for LS 120D II, LS C300D II and LS 300X):
    – Light Dome Mini II 55 cm
    – Light Box 60 X 90 cm
    – Light Box 30 x 120 cm
  • Small bugfixes
  • The update has a size of 22 MB for Windows and 37 MB for MAC

Update highlights in detail

Godox AD200 Flash Head

You will now find the Godox AD200 as a preset in set.a.light 3D and you can use it for all light shapers in the “monolights” category (in tab “Monolight”).

This is how you proceed:

Place any light shaper in the studio and then select the “Godox AD200” preset in the settings on the left. In the studio you can now see that the light source has changed and the AD200 is used. The control range has also been automatically adjusted, so you can use the AD200 in set.a.light 3D exactly as you will later set it in the real studio.

You can also use the Godox AD200 without a light shaper. To do this, drag the flash head into the studio without the light shaper. Now you can change the preset to Godox AD200 in the settings on the left. Additionally you can now choose between bare bulb, speedlight head and round head. This setting is only possible as long as no light shaper is used.

(Note: With a light shaper, the bare bulb of the AD200 is always used).

New light shapers for Aputure continuous lights

Version V2.5.8f provides new light shapers for the popular Aputure continuous lights. New additions include the Light Dome Mini II 55 cm, Light Box 60 X 90 cm and Light Box 30 x 120 cm. (The new light shapers are available for the LS 120D II, LS C300D II and LS 300X).  This means that there are now up to 7 different light shapers to choose from for this type of light.

We hope you enjoy the new enhancements and wish you a lot of fun updating and trying them out! Surely you have already noticed that we continue to expand set.a.light 3D for the film industry. Especially for this area we have many new features in development. For example, we are working on a 3D importer and an animation tool. But now back to today’s innovations. Whatever creative field you are at home in: Try out the new lamps, maybe they will be indispensable for your next production!

How to get the update

This update is FREE for all V2.0–2.5.8 users. To get it, all you have to do is start your set.a.light 3D. The update option will be displayed immediately; just select it. (set.a.light 3D requires an internet connection). 

Alternatively you can also reinstall after downloading the latest version here.

(During the reinstallation, all personal settings, etc. are preserved.)

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