Your questions for “Flashing Camera Frenzy” – #03 Dan Hostettler

Now it’s getting prominent! After we just published episode #02, we’re going straight to the next one. Dan Hostettler is well-known when it comes to studio photography and he regularly shoots important and popular playmates. He will be our newest guest in “Flashing Camera Frenzy”. The picture on the right side is from Dan’s “Fast Glam Beauty Dish Setup” with Melisa ... Read More »

Flashing Camera Frenzy #02 – Interview with Heiko Kanzler

Hey there everybody! Heiko Kanzler has brought lots of new impressions when he answered our questions in a new episode of Flashing Camera Frenzy!! The long version is available here, on Facebook and YouTube: You have to watch this! :) We talk about Heikos long and hard journey into photography and on how to get from a beginner level to professional photos! Dear Heiko, ... Read More »

Your questions for “Flashing Camera Frenzy” – #02 Heiko Kanzler

The second episode of “Flashing Camera Frenzy” is coming! People who don’t know about Heiko Kanzler should probably change that! Mostly, because Heiko shows a great example on how to get from amateur photography onto a professional level. Regarding his way from the odd beginnings as an amateur photographer to the great pictures he is shooting right now is a great idea ... Read More »

Color contrasts and how to use them!

Let’s start very easy: Color contrasts are the differences between colors, which distinguish them from each other. Contrasts help you generate tension in your images. You can emphasize specific areas or take away the attention from them. According to the theory of light, there are seven color contrasts in nature, which you can also use in photography. Those are the ... Read More »

Your questions for “Flashing Camera Frenzy” – #01 Thomas Adorff

Here we go! Our first guest starring in “Flashing Camera Frenzy” is going to be Thomas Adorff. His work often is all about dark sceneries with lots of dark colours, black-and-white pictures or band photography for metal or punk bands. Let’s see how he does in the frenzy of your questions, so send them to us via lots of different channels! ... Read More »

Update News V1.00.83 – set.a.light 3D

In this video, we introduce you to the most important points regarding the update to version 1.00.83. We have developed real time antialiasing for the studio view and camera preview. This effect becomes most obvious in hair and contours. Therefore, screenshots for documentations look much better, for example. Antialiasing has also been added to the exporter which in turn leads ... Read More »

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