3D Integration in Professional Photography

Did you know that the worldwide 3D market size is projected to reach USD 37.92 billion by 2032? Or that the need for more precision in photography was a key driver in the rise of the importance of 3D cameras? 3D Product visualization can add incredible depth to images and create a more immersive experience when viewing items. Viewers are ... Read More »

Unlocking the Art of Lighting: Thierry Sourbier Explores Diverse Approaches to Lighting Sets

I’m a French photographer based in Nantes, I started “playing” with my first studio strobes in 2005. Since nothing replaces practice, I remember knocking on my neighbours’ doors to find “models” to experiment with my setups (my kids had only so much patience)… It is only in 2021 that I discovered set.a.light 3D, it has been quite a game changer ... Read More »

The 3D Importer Add-On in the Spotlight

Import and add 3D objects of your choice to your set.a.light 3D projects and expand your set design possibilities to infinity. Import for example furniture, decorative elements or even entire houses. This way you can make your setups even more realistic and perfectly match your needs. It finally arrived – 3D Importer can be used in our Community! From now ... Read More »

Update to V2.5.9b is now available!

We have great news for you and your next project! 🌟 The brand new update for set.a.light 3D is here! Our continuous light range has been extended and for all film camera users we have integrated two brand new modes “False Color” and “EL-Zone”. But that’s not all – from now on you can also upload and present your setups ... Read More »

Update to V2.5.9 + 3D Importer Add-On now available!

The update V2.5.9 at a glance NEW: 3D Importer available as add-on (paid)  NEW: Japanese language integrated  NEW: Snoot with 6cm ⌀ for flashes + honeycomb NEW: Background reflector for flashes  NEW: Snoot with 6cm ⌀ for speedlights + honeycomb NEW: Background reflector for speedlights  Standard set.a.light 3D presets (like flash heads) can now be restored and reset to factory ... Read More »

Update to V2.5.8f available!

There is a new update for set.a.light 3D V2.5.8 available! This update once again expands the ever-growing arsenal of lamps and light shapers. Included is also the highly requested Godox AD200 flash head, which is now available as a new preset and can be used with all flash light shapers included in set.a.light 3D. But also for all filmmakers who ... Read More »

Exploring the Brenizer panorama technique
using a virtual studio setting

set.a.light 3D is a powerful environment to experiment with various lighting setups and to prepare for actual shoots. In addition, it is a great tool to demonstrate and teach lighting techniques. The software’s capabilities however are not limited to the field of lighting: its flexible features and high-quality image rendering make it suitable for broader photographic exploration. In the following ... Read More »

Shooting Concepts: Athletic Sports Sets

Athletic Motion + Compositional Dynamics: “Fitness and sports photography is capturing humans in athletic movements and other fitness activities related to an individual’s health, well-being, and performance.” The above quote from photographer Leila Brewster is precisely what today’s excursion is all about: Shooting concepts from our community legends that involve various aspects of “athlete photography”.  It’s not only since we ... Read More »

Underrated Umbrellas: Simple Lighting Setups

Umbrella PortraitsLighting Blueprints + Concept Inspiration Yes, they spill light all over the place. And an umbrella’s beam is hard to control, and modifying the light’s (or shadow’s) characteristic is impossible. Especially the basic, generic white shoot-through fellow presents himself as a dull tool.But, besides being a criminally cheap modifier – the small generic umbrella, that is – it’s also ... Read More »

Patch to V2.5.8d available!

It’s that time again! There is a new update for set.a.light 3D V2.5.8, which is free for all users of V2.0-2.5.8! We are very happy to present you new features and content. Start your set.a.light 3D and the update will be shown directly. Run the update and you have all the new features :) Get the patch now to version ... Read More »