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Shooting Concepts: Athletic Sports Sets

Shooting Concepts: Athletic Sports Sets

Athletic Motion + Compositional Dynamics: “Fitness and sports photography is capturing humans in athletic movements and other fitness activities related to an individual’s health, well-being, and performance.”

The above quote from photographer Leila Brewster is precisely what today’s excursion is all about: Shooting concepts from our community legends that involve various aspects of “athlete photography”. 

It’s not only since we added fitness props to set.a.light 3D (V2.5.8d) that our community members are creating sets that display fitness action. No, this goes way back. But since we released the gym props collection, there’s undoubtedly a recent push towards those concepts.

So, today we concentrate on concepts with different focus areas: Commercial assignments, shoots in small spaces, dynamic composition, sculpting light, and posing dynamics – a compilation from the last two years of our community uploads.


Set 1: “Commercial Assignment: Running Girl”
Thierry Sourbier – Set ID: 11040149

Tricky running shot in a small garage gym. The final image has been flipped and cropped to be more impactful but does come from this setup.


Set 2: “Small Space: Glammy Fitness Shoot”
Stian Hogstvedt – Set ID: 11039570

Shot in an area of only 16m2/170 sq ft. The goal was to make the composition as dynamic as possible.


Set 3: “Sculpting Light: Dark Silver Discus Statue”
Joseph Galian – Set ID: 11037642

Lighting Adonis: Creating side-light, fill-in, and kickers to emphasize body lines, muscle structure, and highlighting body tension. Which one is the key light? Download and explore.


Set 4: “Fitness Props: Practice Fitness Gym Set”
Thierry Sourbier – Set ID: 11040264

This practice set simulates shooting an athlete in a busy gym environment. The challenge was to make the athlete stand out and look muscular.


Set 5: “Women’s Soccer: In Motion”
Greg Redmond – Set ID: 11035794

Although shooting within a small area, when choosing a low camera angle, a wider focal length, and going for a dynamic pose, we can easily create a ‘feeling of action’.


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