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Light Setups

FAST GLAM – Light Modifiers: Beauty Dish

A beauty dish is a large, bowl-like reflective circular dish which ranges anywhere from 16 to 30 inches in diameter and is mostly used when shooting portraits and glam-style imagery. “FAST GLAM” Photo Shot feat. Melisa Mendini Creating a generally softer light is one of the functions of a beauty dish. Its coated interior which reduces basic highlights is what causes the ... Read More »

How to Use a Finished Image to Determine its Lighting Setup in Reverse?

In this video, we show you how you can backtrack and re-establish an original lighting setup on basis of a finished image: The first step is to adjust the room inside of the software to the later studio – this is important because set.a.light 3D also takes back reflections into account. Now you choose a model that most resembles the ... Read More »

“Photo against a white background” the full light setup of amazons patent

The media and public already took a good shot at this: U.S. Patent 8,676,045 from amazon is basically a photo against a white background! Because everybody only shows drawings we thought we provide you with a light setup and make it available for download. The patent in itself is the standard method with which photographers light an object or person in front of a seamless white background. ... Read More »

Four Point Light Setup by Dan Hostettler

We are always glad to see how other photographers use our software. And last week we were very excited when we saw how Dan Hostettler used set.a.light 3D Studio for his work. He described an “Accentuated Low-Key” four point light setup that is directed at more experienced photographer, but he does a very good explaining it in simple terms and with a lot of examples ... Read More »

Lighting White Seamless

  In this blog post we will talk about seamless backgrounds. Our goal is to find out how to create a seamless background for a close up portrait, half body portrait and a full-body portrait. We have a selection of reflectors to choose from to light the background. We rather focus on lighting the background than the model itself. In ... Read More »