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FAST GLAM – Light Modifiers: Beauty Dish

FAST GLAM – Light Modifiers: Beauty Dish

A beauty dish is a large, bowl-like reflective circular dish which ranges anywhere from 16 to 30 inches in diameter and is mostly used when shooting portraits and glam-style imagery.

“FAST GLAM” Photo Shot feat. Melisa Mendini

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Creating a generally softer light is one of the functions of a beauty dish. Its coated interior which reduces basic highlights is what causes the light to appear softer in the first place. But if a dish has a silver coating, it will make light “edgier” and shadows more defined. Nearly all beauty dishes have a little panel that “floats” over the flash tube so that no direct light can be emitted from the reflector. All (scattered) illumination comes from the silver or white bowl of the dish.

The beauty dish has long been the primary modifier in the glamour photography industry. The light that this vital modifier creates is a mixture between a softbox and a parabolic reflector, though it does sit much closer to harsh light on the spectrum.

Beauty Dish Light Former in Glamour Photography

The shadow transitions and high-lights have all rather sharp, high contrast qualities and because of this you will recognize that beauty dishes tend to accentuate every detail of your subject (model’s flaws included…). You will need to pay extra
attention to the placement of your model in correlation to your lights in order to hide any flaws that a beauty dish may bring to light.

The best distance to use a beauty dish at is around eight feet (2.5m) from the subject. Placed at closer distances, four to six feet, the beauty dish can create what many refer to as the “liquid wrap” effect. If placed at farther distances, over eight feet, the overall effect of the beauty dish is more comparable to a “hard” reflective umbrella. The effect you are looking for with a beauty dish is a circular catchlight, which is a highly desired look both in beauty and fashion photography.

'Fast Glam' Behind The Scenes - Glamour Photography - 001 'Fast Glam' Behind The Scenes - Glamour Photography - 007

The Beauty Dish’s “Sweet Spot”

As mentioned before, a liquid wrap effect appears – which many photographers try and avoid – if the beauty dish is placed at a distance of four to six feet (1.2 – 1.8m).

Fast Glam - Glamour Photography - 2D Studio Lighting Set PlanIn addition, the contrast increases as well as the saturation on the subject’s skin. Placed in the right distance – around 8’/2.5m – a crisp but yet appealing light is created which highlights the finest of details. The sweet spot can easily be recognized once you achieve the incomparable look this modifier is known for: soft, sparkling light yet with edgy shadows and more visual depth structure than a regular softbox.

When the beauty dish is between six and twelve feet (2 – 3.5m) from the subject, it has a very soothing and tanning effect (one could say the light gets “boring”). You will still enjoy a higher contrast and saturation just as you would if it were closer to the model but this time without the unpleasing hot spots.

Making Of:

'Fast Glam' with Melisa Mendini - 3D Light Setting Simulation - 003 'Fast Glam' with Melisa Mendini - 3D Light Setting Simulation - 002 'Fast Glam' with Melisa Mendini - 3D Light Setting Simulation - 001 'Fast Glam' Behind The Scenes - Glamour Photography - 008


The Results of the Shooting:
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'Fast Glam' with Melisa Mendini - Glamour Photography - 001 'Fast Glam' with Melisa Mendini - Glamour Photography - 002'Fast Glam' with Melisa Mendini - Glamour Photography - 003    'Fast Glam' with Melisa Mendini - Glamour Photography - 004

melisa mendini Contact Sheets - Glamour Photography - 001


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