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3D Integration in Professional Photography

Did you know that the worldwide 3D market size is projected to reach USD 37.92 billion by 2032? Or that the need for more precision in photography was a key driver in the rise of the importance of 3D cameras?

3D Product visualization can add incredible depth to images and create a more immersive experience when viewing items. Viewers are not simply served “flat” images: They get a taste of how a product presents itself in a real-life space.

Retail spaces are also not the only key market drivers. Custom 3D models have garnered a foothold in other industries, including:

  • The entertainment industry, where movies and games can get eye-catching visuals that elevate every interaction with viewers.
  • The automobile industry, where 3D photography can provide convenience as well as additional safety features

Whether you are a business looking to enhance your product portfolio with virtual photography, or want to tap into the benefits of 3D product images for eCommerce, you cannot go wrong with making it part of your overall strategy. Especially if you want to enhance your visual content with images with pinpointed depth.
In this article, we take a closer look at how you can integrate 3D into your professional photography. We also review what the benefits are of using virtual product photography.

What is 3D photography?

3D photography relies heavily on computer-generated visuals that provide images with substantial depth and interest. The process to create these 3D visuals based on actual photography is simple: A photographer takes two or more images of a subject, after which these images are merged to give a 3D effect.

This allows viewers to view a product from various angles, without even needing to handle it. They can click and rotate an image to fully experience every facet of an item, giving it a “real life” feel that immediately makes it more interesting than a flat, traditional 2D product image.

What are the benefits of 3D photography?

There are several advantages when it comes to using 3D photos. These perks include the following:

1. It can be a cost-effective solution when compared to traditional photography when multiple shots are needed to create a perfect image.

2. Studio rental time can be significantly reduced, which can save a business money and allow it to use these extra funds for other areas of its company.

3. 3D photography allows customers to explore product images from wherever they are – whether this is from the comfort of their homes, or even while sitting in their favourite eateries or coffee shops.

4. When using 3D technology, more realistic-looking images with lots of texture can easily be created, which adds more interest to images.

5. It is easy to edit 3D visuals, which means if an image needs to be updated, it will not cause too much downtime to a product listing or how a website displays online.

6. According to Shopify, using 3D and AR-ready models for your eCommerce store can also put you in a better position to rank higher on Google.

These advantages will certainly give any online platform more credibility and enhance the shopping experience. Products will certainly look more attractive, and eCommerce shoppers will likely be more inclined to explore items with such interesting visuals further.

Ideas for using 3D models for eCommerce

There are several business types that can benefit from taking their professional photography to the next level with 3D. Here are some ideas.

1. Furniture retailers

Using 3D visuals can illustrate key features of any object. Whether this is a credenza viewed from the side or above, or a chair that can rotate and display its design, there is certainly the opportunity to benefit from these visuals.

2. Footwear e-stores

The look and feel of a shoe can influence a customer’s decision whether to buy or not. Using 3D models enhance a feeling of texture or make a fashion item look more aspirational, it can make it more attractive and increase the chances of making a sale.

3. Promotional products

Businesses are often looking for promotional products that will carry their logo and act as additional marketing for their companies. With 3D visuals, it can be easy for them to browse items and make a decision about which items would work best as part of their overall business strategies.

Final thoughts on bringing 3D functionality into your professional photos

Despite being a cutting-edge solution for eCommerce and beyond, 3D photography can suit any budget and businesses of any scale. They can assist business owners with creating interactive, immersive experiences that customers would love, and that would make them feel more attuned to a brand and its offerings. 

This connection can be made with the use of 3D photos on their own, or with 3D animation and interactive that allow viewers to become part of a unique product discovery. AR models can also be the key for driving customers through the shopping funnel to ideally make the decision to buy a specific product.

Another big consideration when investing in 3D visuals is that these pictures can often be easily adjusted and updated. With the right software, easy tweaks can be made, which can certainly save time and ensure that a brand can remain competitive without being held back by product photography.

What certainly makes 3D a key part of any marketing strategy is that it can suit any business with an online profile. From homeware retailers and fashion labels to even website platforms featuring artwork, 3D is the game-changer that can make a business look fresh, modern, and exciting. This certainly makes it worth it to partner with a 3D modelling provider that will allow you to get fantastic visuals to help you retain current customers and gain new business.

Putting It Into Practice!

To put all of this into practice, consider exploring set.a.light 3D, a versatile tool for experimenting with 3D photography techniques. Additionally, for a wide range of 3D objects to enhance your projects, cgtrader is an excellent resource. It’s a perfect way to bring your creative visions to life and ensure your business stays ahead in the digital curve.