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Release & Diary – set.a.light 3D V2.0 (18th of August 2018)

Why our software keeps a diary

Desperately want to know, when set.a.light 3D V2.0 will be available? Now it’s time to put together all of the seperate and finished components of the software, which you might have already seen in our feature-list. The important framework and the core of V2.0 are clear, now we’re making some final adjustments.

We want to keep you up-to-date on the last steps of our software-engineering process and inform you about relevant news – so make sure to come by every once in a while.


We can finally make a statement: In transition to September set.a.light 3D V2.0 should also be running on your computers at home. We plan to release the software in calendar week no. 36 to all of our pre-order customers. All members of the elixxier team work hard and fully motivated on our new version, nobody’s on vacation, everybody is helping!
Yeah, it has been quite a long way since our first announcement. This path had some steep cliffs we had to climb up and some obstacles we had to overcome – but we’re so proud that we’ve carried our baby (nearly) until the ende now. 

The diary of a software:

Saturday, 18th of august 2018

Dear Diary,

the end of this week has been soooo boooring! Their work on my components hasn’t been exciting at all for my architects, but it had to be done anyway.
Many small optimizations on my mipmaps and a performance boost have been on our agenda. A slow process, but an important one, because otherwise, lots of users could complain about me not working properly later.

Now it’s going to get more interesting again,
your V2.0

Monday, 13h of august 2018

Dear Diary,

today I’m in a shopping frenzy! The models finally receive the rest of their long pre-ordered clothes. Those have been finished already of course, but now have to get finally integrated. Until now, only a few pieces of clothing have been available for testing purposes, but now they can fill up some huge closets. They need to have some stuff to wear, don’t they?
They also talk about “ray-trays in depth of field”, which has something to do with bugfixes in my camera. I’m glad that I didn’t become a software engineer!

Best regards,
your V2.0

Friday, 10th of august 2018

Dear Diary,

today we started to work on my new exporter. Lots of users are extremely hyped for that, because you can soon add your own logo and some notes to the setplan. For this to work, my architects began to weave in this finished feature into my code.
The boys don’t have any spare time, that’s why they start to work on other nooks and crannys.
We’re done soon…seems to be as exciting as christmas around here :)

your V2.0

Thursday, 09th of august 2018

Dear Diary,

yesterday they started to work at my cameras again – and now, I’m able to handle several of them in the same setup :)
I had some small problems with switching between the cams, but my developers got that fixed with their “healing hands”. Now everythings works fine and I can easily change the perspective between any desired number of them.
It’s a whole new feeling to look at the same setup from different angles by simple clicking one button. There’s going to be more news tomorrow.

See you soon,
your V2.0

Tuesday, 07th of august 2018

Dear diary,

after the focus around here has switched to some hard challenges in my lighting calculation, my creators are implementing the big packages of interior equipment and 3D content these days. Plants, chairs, couches, … everything you need to set up your own studio is available.
In the meantime, my engineers also work on my code and optimize it further.
There are also some small, but exciting tasks regarding the exporter to come.
I’ll tell you more on that soon!

Until next time,
your V2.0

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