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Shortly before Halloween we challenged our community members to build something spooky with set.a.light 3D!

There were many amazing spooky submissions. We saw spooky skeletons, possessed people, ghosts and witches.Thanks to each of you who shared your spooky vision with us. To make a final decision was really hard for us, because you all were very creative and created remarkable work! That’s why we decided to display some more works following the winners as inspiring creations.

Congrats to the winners with their unique and scary setups!

First Place

”THE MOMENT” by Markus Vockrodt,
SET ID 11034747

“The moment, when it’s time to go. You are naked, you are cold, your eyes have no expression, everything of your passing life will be gray except of the last bloody tear that gives you your last farewell. The grim reaper comes someday.”

This striking motive has convinced us in its entirety. The minimalist implementation brings everything that is needed for a creepy look without appearing overloaded. 

Even the lighting and choice of colors is used harmoniously and emphasizes the gloomy mood that is to be conveyed. The vertically concentrated positioning of the elements brings calm to the picture and directs the gaze to the center of the picture to the model’s face. We could also well imagine it as a movie poster for a horror movie, as text elements would be well placed in the outer areas. A great and harmonious work! A big plus is also: This setting can be realized directly in the studio.

Making of

Second Place

“Without title” by Tanja Maschka,
SET ID 11034738

We loved seeing this entry. We find ourselves in a gloomy room in which a woman hovers over the bed. The warm tones of the skin and the cool tones of the window and mirror form a complementary contrast. The camera perspective is in front of the open door, so that the shot seems to have been taken by chance as we pass by and yet we are right in the middle of the action. How did it come to this? Where is this room located? This setup takes us into the far distance of our imagination and fires our fantasy. It is truly a unique and spooky masterpiece!

Making of

Third Place

“Without title” by Jeroen Adema,
SET ID 11034778

“The idea is that the model is sitting in front of a mirror, but since there are none I’ve had to be creative.
Together with the background, the table, the lamp behind them and the items on the table, the 2 models form a skull. I’ve edited this shot a little in Photoshop, so you can see it best in that image.”

What we particularly liked here is the original and modern implementation of the theme. At first the motive seems to be a bit unimpressive, but the subtle implementation of the skull gives it a depth that invites to discover. We also like the fact that it has no obvious creepy elements. Also the color scheme with the pink mirror gives the whole thing an innocent touch. So it is worthwhile to take a closer look at the motive!

Making of

Further work, which we do not want to withhold from you:

“Without title” by Michael Gordon ,
SET ID 11034739

“The poor old lady is imagining things again…Inspired by the classic Japanese horror film ‘The Grudge.’“
“Luckily there’s only one (or not?) by VIP2000,
SET ID 11034789
“Posessed” by Teemu Hujanen,
SET ID 11034741
“The way of life” byMarkus Vockrodt,
SET ID 11034786

“It shows the way from birth to death. When you see the the first light of birth everything is warm (orange) and bright (the sunglasses) – over the years we always have some hope to do the right things (the green nails) – until it becomes very cold (blue) to your death. The black nails represent the uncertainty that lies ahead in life and the white nails are our memories of it. But most of all it’s pretty grey in our life – and that’s spooky.”

Thanks again to everyone who shared their spooky vision with us! We hope you guys enjoyed watching these setups the same way as we did. We are already very excited for our next challenge and can´t wait to see all of your stunning creations.

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