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Inside set.a.light 3D with Joe Edelman

Upon discovering our software set.a.light 3D Joe Edelman immediately made a really cool review video for it.

We are immensely impressed and couldn’t explain set.a.light 3D any better in such a short time. So if you want to know what set.a.light 3D is all about, just go watch that video! :)

Learn portrait lighting with 3D software. Studio Lighting Tutorial with set.a.light 3D

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Joe Edelman is a photographer from New York and he’s also operating a very successful youtube channel. With his youtube channel he enjoyably teaches and explains knowledge about photography.



His films are entertaining and at the same time packed with know-how and inspiration. We’d describe them as refreshingly different. One of the themes he specializes in is taking photographs using simple means, showing that you don’t always need an expensive flash unit to realize your ideas.

By now Joe Edelman keeps using set.a.light 3D for his new videos to explain the lighting setup and the use of flash technology in his pictures.

If you want to be entertained while learning a lot at the same time, we can only advise you to visit Joe’s YouTube channel!

>> YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/photojoeedelman
>> Webseite: http://www.JoeEdelman.com

If you want to jump straight to another video and get the file with the lighting setups, watch this video: A sensual Glamour Bikini Shooting can be easily achieved-by Joe Edelman

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