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Pre-Order Start – set.a.light 3D V2.0

Finally, we’re ready to launch the Pre-Order for set.a.light 3D V2.0!

Yeah, you’ve heard that right!
Lots of you guys are as excited as we are and tell us that they can’t wait via Facebook or Instagram. Now we’re one big step closer to the release and start to get this thing going.

Listen up for this!
Our existing customers now have the opportunity to pre-order set.a.light 3D V2.0 This could bring some advantages for you as well … ;)

We definetely have some special deals for every one of you! As promiesed, there’s an amazing offer, which is going to be available via E-Mail for you, so be sure to check your electronic postbox regularly this week! :)

Deals for the upgrade
V2.0 is also going to have a BASIC– and a STUDIO-version. You’ll be able to upgrade to the next version, depending on what product you have at the moment. But our BASIC-customers will of course also be able to upgrade to the new STUDIO-version instead of the new BASIC.
So, you’ll surely don’t have to buy the new software just like a new customer has to. That’s why there’s an upgrade price for existing customers. And adding to that, we have a special pre-order price that’s even lower. All of the necessary information regarding your possibilities and the pricing is going to be in that particular E-Mail.

Advantages that come with the Pre-Order
There’s not only the lower price that you can benefit from – we do have something nice for you: Everybody, who purchases the upgrade in our Pre-Order will be granted access to the new product two weeks earlier than everybody else. Working with V2.0 two weeks before the actual release – isn’t that cool?
We can’t think of any reason that would prevent you from cleverly using this option!

What’s new?
We put lots of effort into the new light simulation, that’s going to allow even more precise planning of lighting. Another big point in developing were the new models. Our new avatars are full of small details and can be changed up when it comes to their make-up or their clothing. The best thing about them: They’re fully movable, from their little fingers up to their head and down to their feet. You can put them into any pose you like and save it for later.
Permanent / ambient light is going to be included as well, just like to possibility of managing the white balance directly at the camera. There’s lots of new 3D objects and light shapers, for example a ring light. But watch out: These features vary, depending on which version you buy.
Telling you about every new function…..well, we’d still be here tomorrow. You can see lots of them HERE :)

Pre-Order Links
You can get to the pre-order with the links in your mails. Make sure to look into them in order to not miss the personal deals with the important codes!

If you have any questions, contact us at any time!
But for now, we wish you lots of fun with waiting for V2.0 and saving some money with our deals!!

Best regards,

your team of elixxier

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