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How to Use a Finished Image to Determine its Lighting Setup in Reverse?

In this video, we show you how you can backtrack and re-establish an original lighting setup on basis of a finished image: Vom fertigen Bild rückwärts zum Lichtsetting - set.a.light 3D | DEWatch this video on YouTube- Mit Klick auf das Video, wird eine Verbindung zu Youtube aufgebaut, es gelten damit die Datenschutzbestimmungen von Youtube. - The first step is ... Read More »

Tips and Support for set.a.light 3D Users

We have created a few short explainer videos for you to ensure you’ll have a great user experience with set.a.light 3D. The videos are created in an extremely short and sweet style to actually make it fun watching them. This allows you to quickly learn how to work effectively with set.a.light 3D. 1# Lichtformer tauschen, Duplizieren (kopieren), DragOptionWatch this video ... Read More »

Update News V1.00.57

Hello, it’s that time again; shortly before Christmas,we got some great new features for set.a.light 3D. Besides a new aperture of  enormous f/0.95 and a lot new lenses, the update contains three huge innovations. You will find the first one in the setlist. We implemented a litte eye, which can hide and unhide single objects in the studioview. For example you ... Read More »

Update News V1.00.56

Hello everybody, our latest update contains great new features. We included a pregnant and a completely new Model, as well as features, which should simplify the handling of set.a.light 3D. The pregnant model is another version of “Nicole”. Just open “Nicole” in the studio and then scroll a little bit down in the detail settings. There you find the tab “Pregnant”, in which you ... Read More »

Update News V1.00.50 – V1.00.55

Wir haben euch die größten Neuerungen der letzten fünf Updates in ein Video gepackt. Die Software beinhaltet nun eine Undo/Redo Funktion, welche bis zu 30 Schritte ausführen kann. Die untere Leiste welche die Timeline und Studiobibliothek beinhaltet ist nun einklappbar und gibt somit der Studioübersicht und der rechten Leiste mehr Raum. Und die Vorschaukamera hat einen Schwarz-Weiß Button spendiert bekommen, ... Read More »

Update News v1.00.49

Update v1.00.49 is now available. We proudly present the picturewall. By using png-files you are now able to load nearly every pattern into the software. The following video gives you an overview about all the new features. Feel free to share your results with us.       Release notes: 0:14 min We reworked the handle 0:14 min Objects move now, ... Read More »