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Short instruction to set.a.light 3D V2.0 – Handling and Posing Tool

We have created two videos to show you the basic handling and to explain the Posing Tool.

The videos give you a first quick overview, then you can already use set.a.light 3D V2.0 and let your creativity run free.

Let’s go – let’s start with an overview
After that you are ready to go.

In this section you learn more about the Posing Tool and the Posing Slider.

How do I put the model in pose, where do I find templates and how do I create my own templates and save my poses? (At the moment only in german)

Very helpful is the PDF manual, which you can find here:

Stefan from RAWexchange has recorded a video about V2.0 and explains how to use it. The video helps you to get started with the program. Also the Posing Tool is explained, this is important so that you can work with it! THIS VIDEO IS ENGLISH!!

The basic handling of set.a.light 3D V2.0 is very similar to the handling of V1.0, so we recommend to have a look at the Quicktipps for V1.0, because here you will get to know some tricks in short videos.

Here you will find the tips: https://blog.elixxier.com/en/quicktipps-set-a-light-3d-bedienung/

This post is also available in: German

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